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At Dinosaur Cases, we also specialize in case refitting. As experts in custom case design and custom case creation, we can also customize existing cases with custom case parts and custom case fabrications. We believe in recycling and reusing. We can refit, repurpose or renovate your existing case to bring it into the next generation.

Our Case Maintenance Program offers and eco-friendly and cost effective solution to creating a new case. 

Refit: Have an existing case? We can refit your old case and ensure it continues to work for you for years to come. We create custom case parts and as well as do custom case refits for existing cases. We can customize your existing case with custom foam inserts to create an entirely new custom foam interior.

Reuse: Not ready to invest in a new case? Try a refurbished one. We have gently used and refurbished cases available at our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada. Contact us to see if we have a refurbished case that will suit your needs.

Recycle: Have an old case that is damaged beyond repair, or an old case taking up space?  Return your old case to us and we would be happy to recycle it for you.