You need it, we craft it.

No matter how obscure your needs may be, Dinosaur Cases guarantees we can build a case to fit your specifications. Every case we build is custom, which means your case is specifically designed to meet your unique requirements. We thrive on innovation and love to create custom case designs to meet your weight, transportation, protection and layout needs. We also specialize in case refitting, custom case fabrications and custom case parts.

From our first contact, to the delivery of your custom case, we strive to give you the best possible service to address all of your custom case creation needs. We pride ourselves on creating high quality, protective custom cases that you can depend on. When you contact us we will find out exactly how we can design the perfect case that matches your vision. We use detailed measurements of your equipment/objects to be cased, get your approval on all design elements, construct the case, and do a final fitting, with adjustments as required. To create your custom case, we use mahogany plywood from sustainable sources, custom plastics, aluminum extrusions (our own design), custom hardware, custom foam inserts and custom foam interiors.

All of our cases are built in Vancouver, Canada.

Try building your dream case with our 3D Case Builder. We will use the parameters you set in our 3D Case Builder as a starting point for your custom case. Don’t see the case you need? Looking to case a strange object? Have very unique specifications? Send us an image and we can talk you through making your perfect case a reality.

Not completely convinced we can make the case of your dreams? Need inspiration? Take a look at our catalog of products and happy customers on Instagram.

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Case Types

Dinosaur Cases provides a number of standard case styles that can be customized to your unique needs. Below is a list of our standard cases styles and their common uses. You can also see examples of these cases in action by following the category link to our Instagram.

A - Tray Bottom – Features a removable top for use with heavy items such as video monitors or guitar amps. Perfect for items that can remain in the case to make moving simple or can be used as a display case.

B - Removable Lid - For heavy items where use requires the lid to be fully removed for access. Features latches on one or both sides, and/or removable hinges.

C - Hinged Lid  - Our most popular style. Uses range from suitcase, toolkit case, medical case, hardware case, make-up case, laptop case, storage case, sporting case, instrument case to heavy trunks and crates.

D - Roll In – Used for items and equipment that can be rolled in and out of the case. Features front doors that can be fully hinged, removable or hinged with removable hinges. This style can be used as a rolling upright tools box case, wardrobe case, industrial equipment case, military equipment case, and a variety of workstation cases.

E - 19” Rack Case - Rack case with front and rear removable doors. EIA rated rack rail is standard with a full range of options available.

F - Center Split - These cases range in use from recording equipment cases, DJ equipment cases, sound mixer cases, to flat screen monitor cases. Features a removable half lid that allows full equipment access with easy loading and unloading.

G - Clamshell – Features tray bottom generally used for larger pieces of equipment, where the top piece of the case can be unlatched, and two or more sections removed. The equipment remains on the lower tray to be unloaded. Options include wheel dollies and forklift skids.


We love building you cases, and pride ourselves on knock-your-socks-off customer service. We are happy to work with you every step of the way so you get exactly the case you need.


Email us with a drawing or photo of your idea. We specialize in making custom ideas a reality. And we love a challenge.